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Medication – classified by allergic symptom

Medication – classified by allergic symptom
On the proper use of medications to treat each of your allergy symptoms

  • nasal spray with cromoglycats
  • anti-histaminic nasal spray or tablets (itching,sneezing)
  • corticoïd nasal spray nasal (inflammation, secretions, runny nose, obstruction)
  • sinus rinse (i.e neti pot) to clean sinus and help breating, plus decrase amount of medicine needed
  • sea water spray (nasal hygiene)


  • cromoglycat eyewash or eye drops (itching and redness)
  • artificial tears (no vasoconstrictor agent)

Usually, with eyewash and nasal sprays, antihistaminic tablets are not needed.

  • bonchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids: oral spray or inhaled powder (anti-inflammatory)

NB: corticosteroids are necessary to eliminate airway inflammation

  • anti-leukotriene tablets (anti-inflammatory effect) : moderately effective if taken alone
  • anti-IgE antibody (hardly useful)
  • prednisone in pill or injection: given only when symptoms are poorly controlled or severe asthma.
  • corticosteroid cream or ointment
  • skin hydration (lotion medical and/or bath oil)
  • antihistamine tablets
  • prednisone tablets if necessary
  • adrenaline (to block the systemic reaction)
  • prednisone tablets
  • antihistaminic tablets

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