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Medication – classified by type of drug

Medication – classified by type of drug

Medication used to relieve allergies – List   DESENSITIZATION VACCINE 

  • most commonly used brands: ALK 7®, Alutard®, Alustal®, Allergovit®, Grazax®, Novo-Helisen®, Oralain®, Pharmalgen®, Phostal®, Polvac®, Staloral®, (laboratoires Allergomed, Globopharm, Stallergènes, ALK)


  • tablets, syrup or drops
  • treatment of rhinitis, conjunctivitis and urticaria angioedema
  • reduce the itching and irritation concomitant overall (nose, eyes, skin)
  • can sometimes cause a feeling of drowsiness
  • brands used: Aérius®, Cetirizine®, Cetirizin®, Claritine®, Fenistil®, Lorado®, Loratidine®, , Tavegyl®, Telfast®, Tilarin®, Tilavist®, Xyzal®, Zaditen®, Zyrtec® (Polaramine®, Atarax®)

CROMOGLYCATES spray or eye drops

  •      treatment of rhinitis and conjunctivitis (removes irritation and itching)
  •      very well tolerated (except possible eye irritation at the beginning of application)
  •      brands used:


    • eye drops: Allergodil®, Emadine®, Livostin®, Opatanol®, Relestat®, Zaditen®
    • spray: Allergodyl®, Cromodyn®, Cromosol®, Lomudal®, Lomusol®, Livostin®
    • per os : Nalcrom


  • spray or powder for inhalation:
    • treatment of asthma and chronic rhinitis
    • anti-inflammatory effect
    • usually well tolerated, can cause hoarseness, but normally no systemic effect
  • brands used:
    • nasal spray: Avamys®, Beconase®, Budésonide®, Cortinasal®, Flutinase®, Nasacort®, Nasonex®, Rhinocort®
    • inhalor: Axotide®, Pulmicort®
    • bronchodilators containing corticosteroids : Seretide®, Symbicort®, Vannair®
  • tablets or injection:
    • useful when asthma is severe or if symptoms are poorly controlled
    • well tolerated if used a few days only (risk of systemic side effects if more)
  • cream (for simple skin lesions):
    • Betnovate®, Dermovate®, Diprolen®, Diprosone®, Elocom®, Emovate®, Hydrocortisone®, Locoid®, Locacorten®
  • cream with antibiotic (for infected skin lesions):
    • Fucidin H


  • short or long-term action
  • essential in the treatment of asthma
  • usually well tolerated, may cause tremors or palpitations
  • spray or powder for inhalation (diskus)
  • brands used:
    • bronchodilator+ corticoid: Seretide®, Symbicort®, Vannair®
    • bronchodilator without corticoid: Axis®, Ebrotec®, Bricanyl®, Ecovent®, Foradil®, Oxis®, Serevent®, Ventolin®


  • slight anti-inflammatory effect, in addition useful in asthma and chronic rhinitis
  • moderately effective
  • brands used: Accolate®, Singulair®


  • useful for reducing the effectiveness of IgE
  • moderately effective
  • brands used: Xolair


  • administered in cases of anaphylaxis (food allergy, wasps, bees, etc.)
  • brands used: Epipen®, Anapen®



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