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Allergic conjunctivits symptoms

  • Both eyes are affected
  • immediate conjunctivitis: redness, itchiness, secretions, tears, feeling of “sand” in your eyes
  • chronic conjunctivitis:  chronic irritation of both eyes

Etiology (cause) of allergic conjunctivitis

  • immediate conjunctivitis: usually caused by pollens or cat dander (temporary exposure)
  • chronic conjunctivitis: usually caused by cat dander (repeated / chronic exposure)

Conjunctivitis relief medication

Pruritus, redness and secretions can be relieved by eye drops containing antihistaminics and cromoglycates. This medication is rather well tolerated.If need be, antihistaminic tablets can also be prescribed.Some of these eye drops or lotions may be used with contact lenses, although it is often considered better not to wear contacts while conjunctivitis symptoms are present.

Conjunctivitis cure

Depending of seriousness of symptoms and how long they have been present, also when avoiding the allergen is impossible, a desensitization is indicated.Results are usually quite good. 


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