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Eczema appears in erythema (flush), squama, oozing, skin thickening (lichenisation), skin dehydration, and scratching marks. These lesions can all occur together or follow one another. Each aspect has a distinctive meaning and will require different treatments. Eczema may disappear without a trace, except when lichenisation has occurred.

Worsening, chronicity of lesions or newly appeared ecezma lesions in an adult, will justify researching a possible systemtic sickness  or a contact dermatitis.

Infants’ DA is not an IgE induced Allergy. It is an eczema, with increased IgE dosage which warrants the “atopic” qualification. Children prensenting DA have a tendency to develop allergies due to the increased IgE and should benefit from preventive precautions.

  • CONTACT DERMATITIS (DC) : allergic skin inflammation, consequent to repeated immune system (sensitized T lymphocytes) contact with an allergen.

Contact dermatitis is a delayed allergic reaction (induced by T-lymphocyte cells). Such reactions are not dangerous since no IgEs are included in the process. Most frequent contact allergens are metals (nickel, cobalt), perfumes and cosmetics.


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