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How often do I need to come for my desensitization?

You come once a week during the induction period, then once every 4-5 weeks for a period of 3 years, to maintain the maximum dose of the vaccine against your allergies. Do not worry, we can always adapt the treatment according to your professional or personal obligations.

We do our best to take you on time. If you can’t come at the exact time of your appointment but still make it during our opening hours, we always find a solution. Your time is important to us.

Is the vaccine safe?

Absolutely, desensitization extract sare manufactured in a lab with strict quality controls. Everything is perfectly sterile, precise, standardized. There are no side effects caused by the vaccination itself, except local reactions (inflammation, granuloma) which are normally quickly resorbed.

For your safery, and to avoid any risk of allergic reaction, doses are increased very slowly, with maximum care (we keep you 30 minutes on watch after the injection, we check that you have no side effects before letting you go back to your occupations, etc.).

Is it painful?

No, the injections are subcutaneous, shallow, the needles are the thinnest available (30G). Injections are made gently, in the back of the upper arm, avoiding muscles and veins. So in fact, the injection itself is not painful. In the hours or days that follow, some discomfort may occur locally, as is often the case after getting vaccination. Applying some ice, taking an anti-histamine or a simple analgesic are normally sufficient to reduce this effect.

Does my insurance cover this treatment?

Yes, basic insurance (LaMal) is enough to cover this treatment. As with all medical care, you will only pay for your deductible and participation (10% or 20%, according to your contract).

Does desensitization really work?

Apart from avoiding allergens, there is no other possible treatment for allergies. There are different types of desensitization protocols, some work well, some do not.

  • Least effective: sub-lingual treatments
  • Moderately effective : Pre-seasonal injections
  • Very effective: all year round injections protocol, with extremely good results, and has our preference (fewer symptoms, better quality of life).

Is desensitization really necessary, can’t I just take a tablet to cure my allergy?

The goal of desensitization is to heal a person from his or her allergies (i.e. absence of allergic reaction when in contact with the allergen).

Antihistamins and other tablets do not heal you, they only temporarily reduce the symptoms (which will begin again when the drug is stopped).

The decision to desensitize or not is made after careful consideration of a number of factors, with the Doctor.

How does desensitization work?

Desensitization protocols induce a long-lasting tolerance to the allergen and block the progression of the allergy, thus reducing the immune system’s reactions.

The outcome is that we no longer have symptoms when exposed, in other terms we are cured from the allergy.

What results can I expect from desensitization?

As long as the protocol is carried out completely (no interruption of treatment)  obvious results are noted already during the first year . The contact with allergens (pollen, animals, mites) is less troublesome, the nose clears, asthma attacks are a thing of the past. Spring is no longer considered a nightmare, you can breathe, have activities outside without irritation to your eyes or nose. Wasp or bee stings are no longer life-threatening.

As for you, Dr. Roux, would you do this treatment?

Actually, I used to be allergic but I got treated and I am now cured. I also desensitized my wife and kids, so I can confirm I both trust and recommend this treatment, because it works very well.