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Allergie au chien

Allergy to dogs is caused by the allergen “Can d1″  present on their skin, hairs and saliva. This allergy induces similar symptoms to allergy to cats (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma and contact urticaria).

As the dog allergen is not ubiquitous, it is actually easier to avoid the allergen, unless you have a dog at home.


Medication: prescribed in relation to various symptoms. Asthma being a potentially dangerous symptom, it will need to be medicated accordingly

  • Occasional symptoms (e.g. visiting a dog-owner’s house): Usually, taking antihistaminic pills or a short-term bronchodilatator a few minutes before passing the threshold will be enough to avoid any symptoms
  • Chronic symptoms require proper background therapy of asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis

Cure: when irritation is too important or in case of asthma,  and/or when dog contact is inevitable, therapy is necessary, i.e. desensitization against dog hairs and dog dander.