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The contents of our website “www.allergie-geneve.com” aims to inform about allergies.

We took as much care as possible in its drafting and hope you will find many useful answers to your questions. The purpose of this site is not to replace medical advice, but merely to help you better understand the subject, as well as having practical information on testing and treating allergies. We recommend you consult a specialist if you suspect you have an allergy as the contents of this site cannot replace proper medical care. Furthermore, the content of this site is not contractual.We did our best to provide as much information as possible but it is possible that it is not 100% complete or updated. For instance some allergic diseases and treatments are not mentioned, as we have decided to focuse on the most common allergies, as well as those that we can cure in our Clinic.We hope our website will be useful in terms of information on allergies, and our doctor’s office is available to you, should you require investigation and treatment of your allergies.