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June 2019

What Allergies are triggered by pollens these days?Cereals and gramineae  are in very high concentration right now!Tree pollens, ambrosia and armoise are currently not problematic.When it rains, the amount of pollens in the air drops, thus granting a reprieve for allergic patients. However with the warm weather forecast for the coming days, be wary of expected pollinic peaks, and have your medicine ready whenever you leave home.Which symptoms relate to a pollen allergy?

  • sneezing, itching, itching of the eyes, eye redness and/or puffiness, running nose and/or eyes, shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma.
  • It’s best not to wait it out, as symptoms will only get worse during the pollinic season. A specialised allergologist can determine exactly which allergen(s) you are allergic to, so as to adapt medication and treatments accordingly. The specialist will make recommendations to help soothe your symptoms, and can provide full treatments such as desensitization if necessary.



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