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I am only at 2/3 of my desensitization, and I already no longer have any symptoms. This treatment is excellent. I only wish I had known about it before!

Dr Roux is competent and nice. I was so glad to find a good allergist near my work who is fluent in English

Dr Roux explains things really well and has been a huge help for my allergies

This allergy clinic is great

After 3 years of treatment, I feel much better.

The desensitization shots have worked wonders. I no longer have a runny nose and red eyes in the Spring.

Thank you Dr Roux for your help. My son’s allergies are a thing of the past

Very sastisfied with Dr Roux, extremely qualified allergist and a really nice person to boot

Dr Roux, you are a true professional

Très bon médecin, à l’écoute et patient. J’avais beaucoup de questions, il a pris le temps de répondre à toutes.

Je suis toujours très contente de venir chez le Dr Roux, un très bon allergologue à Genève, qui me suit depuis plusieurs années, à ma grande satisfaction. Il donne de bons conseils, aide vraiment pour mes allergies, il est toujours disponible pour les questions et très sympa.

Great doctor, he has treated my allergies really well.

A little waiting time  the first time I came here but it was an emergency appointment and they managed to fit me in regardless, thank you

Both my daughter and I were suffering from cat and house dustmites allergies, we are so happy this treatment cured us, we even kept our cat to my daughter’s delight

Professionnal and kind, Dr Roux is an excellent allergist

I regret not having known about desensitizations before. I have suffered from breathing difficulties for more than 15 years, especially inside. No doctors found anything wrong with me. I used to believe it’s just the way things were for me, just bad luck you know? Dr Roux proved this to be wrong, his treatment helped so much! No more problems, such a relief. It has truly changed my life

It’s not easy to find such a good doctor

This clinic came highly recommended by a friend. I fully agree, the results of my treatment are spectacular